It’s not too late to get your holiday marketing plan together. Businesses can always use new ideas to market themselves, especially around this time of year.

There are a few things that you can be implementing into your daily business marketing today to help with the upcoming month. Sometimes, posts to clients and customers can become stale, the social reach might go down on your pages, and deals that you have available aren’t attracting as many people as planned.

This is the perfect time to come up with better deals and add some holiday creative to your storefront, ads, and social posts.

For some help we came up with 5 holiday marketing ideas you can use today!

1.Black Friday Idea: Black Friday is only days away, and if you haven’t made an ad or deal yet, it’s not too late. Facebook boosted posts can go up the day that you make them! Giving you a few more days to advertise the deals that you are offering. Find a high resolution stock picture (we like the photos are 100% free!) and use that as the picture for your post or create a graphic. The higher the resolution of the picture, the more people see it. Then come up with wording that is less than 140 characters. You can boost for as cheap as $1, but in this time crunch $100 or more will be more beneficial to you.


2. Market Yourself: Your business will be busy with Holiday parties and charity events this time of year. Are any of the things that you do newsworthy? If they are, let the press know what your business is up to. Or, you can post it on your social media, it is always a good idea to show your clients or customers what you do outside of the office! Putting this information into a newsletter or blog post can also be beneficial.

3.Update Social: Social media is one of the of the easiest things you can update. Put up a fun cover photo, or profile picture that is festive! Schedule posts for all of the upcoming holiday dates, which saves you time, and helps keep coverage consistent.


4. Create a New Ad for the month of December: If you advertise in a magazine, online, or in a penny saver, update your month of deals. A professional clean cut ad is very important. It can be fun for the holidays, but it can also look updated for your business. Hiring a professional can be beneficial for this.

5.Give back to the Community: This time of year is the time of giving. Get your office or business to go to the soup kitchen, make a donation to clothing drive, or decorate a tree like we did for a Tree of Hope event! It’s a good way for your community to see that you are involved.


Happy Holidays!

If you need any help this holiday season, feel free to reach out to us.