Advertising & Media Planning

Media planning determines which media to use and when to use it in order to reach your target audience. Image Marketing Consultants takes your advertising efforts through every stage of the media planning process. From defining goals and outlining the project budget to targeting your audience and selecting the best media placement. With our comprehensive services at your disposal, we will design your ads and write your copy. You’ll experience maximum returns on investment once we’ve placed it in the most effective media outlets.

Our advertising experience spans web, mobile, print, radio, television and social media. We have a clear understanding of business and consumer media matters, and our expert team maintains ongoing editorial and advertising relationships with all major media in the Northeast. No location is too far for us; whether it’s TV in Tampa or out of home in Texas, we’ve got you covered. We reach your audience at the right time, in the right way, with the right message. That’s what Image can do.

Our Advertising and Media Planning services include:


Often underrated, billboards provide an effective avenue to reach mass amounts of people. Consumers have merely seconds to view your company’s roadside advertisements, and an effective billboard will need them to entice them immediately. Our graphic designers:

  • Will work to create eye-catching out of home signage catered to your branding needs. We’ll keep the text small and the graphics simple so that the billboard is understandable within the few seconds that they drive by
  • Ensure your name is the focal point of the signage. We want drivers to retain your brand’s name as they drive off and consider what you’re selling and if they could use you. The billboard will then be able to quickly direct potential customers to your services.

Ads in Industry Related Publications

Advertising in a collection of publications brings instant brand recognition. There tends to be a fitting magazine for nearly every niche industry. People that subscribe to a specific magazine are interested in that industry, so it’s important to place your ads in magazines that appeal to the type of consumers you cater to. They provide:

  • The consumer with immediate information about your services
  • An audience that is guaranteed to have an interest in your products. They will capture the focused attention of a variety of consumers.
  • The ability to highlight or bookmark a page the reader likes and allow for a tactile experience that differs from digital media. Let us help to place your ad in relevant magazines, newspapers, and booklets.

Radio Ads

Announcing a special sale or grand opening in a local radio ad spot is a great way to let the public know that you’re open and in the area. Radio ads:

  • Capture a broad audience including people of various ages, backgrounds and personal interests rather than homing in on a specific niche
  • Are a great way to promote your brand within your county or state while appealing to locals
  • Last an average of 30 seconds, so you’ll have time to explain your brand name, your location, and why listeners should come find you

Television Ads

Another avenue to reach large amounts of local residents is via TV commercials. Whether you’d like to gain new customers or just spread brand awareness in your area, our team:

  • Will plan the proper channel to feature your commercial and determine the number of weeks your ad should run
  • Works with a professional video crew who will film and edit your commercial
  • Gets your commercial featured on local channels to reach the audience you’re targeting

Digital Ads

Get in touch with the constantly-growing digital world by advertising your brand with a banner on websites, social media platforms or search engine pages. Digital ads will highlight what you’re selling and can link the user straight to your company’s website or to a specific product. Our digital ad campaigns:


  • Advertise relevant content that can be seen on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices
  • Are catered to what makes sense for your brand’s presence on the web and the audience you’re looking to target
  • Will stand out in your market amongst the clutter. With so many advertising possibilities taking place online, we want to make sure your name is keeping up with this digital transition. Our targeted advertisements span the web and allow for your business to get noticed