PR Agency and Public Relations Marketing Strategy

Public relations is a fluid process of strategic communication that builds and strengthens mutually beneficial relationships between your company and your target audience. Image Marketing Consultants understands how to anticipate, analyze, and interpret the attitudes and issues that impact your company. We continuously plan and implement strategies that manage your messages and enhance your editorial image for online, print, television, graphic design and radio.

Our public relations service includes:

Media Relations

When working with the media, it’s all about relationships. At Image Marketing Consultants, every member of the staff works diligently to maintain active working relationships with a variety of media contacts throughout the United States. Our goal is to position your brand in the best light possible across a large audience. Our PR team will:

  • Create contacts and keep up with our media connections for you
  • Develop and write press releases that appeal to journalists and reporters
  • Send news-worthy stories to the widest media coverage sources available 

Press Releases

We develop and write press releases that sing to journalists and reporters. We get your newsworthy stories to the widest possible media coverage in the area. The media is constantly looking for the next big story to share. We’ll help your company grab the media’s attention by:

  • Writing press releases in-house that appeal to reporters and journalists
  • Pitching stories to several local newspapers to ensure it gets the widest possible coverage

Public Relations Building

Nothing is more powerful than two organizations coming together to achieve the same goal. Our clients will be pointed in the direction to partner and network with other companies that can both be strengthened by working together. When it comes to finding new contacts, we help our clients:

  • Partner with these organizations when promotions and advertising as a team just makes sense
  • Build affiliate and brand ambassador programs as well as loyalty incentives
  • Network on your behalf and act as an extension of your sales team

Media Training

Nothing can be more nerve-wracking than knowing you’re going to speak to media. We can relate. However, we overcame these fears long ago, and can now help you do the same. We provide:

  • Media advise and PR agency guidance throughout your speaking points. Even if you’re fearless in the face of a microphone, we can help you hone your skills to help make you a media master.
  • Training to articulately deliver your story in an interesting way. Our media training can make you a specialist in journalist interactions and help you deliver your message across any medium.
  • Tips to ensure you look and feel as professional and ready as ever. Your poise and professionalism will ensure what you say -not the scared look in your eyes- is the only thing people will be talking about.

News Channel Segments

Getting your brand television exposure can be a complicated process. Where do we start? Who do we contact? What do we talk about? What channel would be best for us? That’s where we come in. Image Marketing Consultants:

  • Has expertise in all things television. We’ll put your brand in front of thousands of local news viewers so you can talk about the next big thing going on: From grand openings to upcoming events and sales, we will work to highlight your brand and its services by way of the television. We’ll find the best possible time and date to air your segment. Maybe around a certain holiday, season, your store’s new location, or a big sale that’s coming up.
  • Knows the media industry inside and out and have a solid list of resourceful news station connections. No need for you to reach out to them; we will act as a liaison between your business and the news organization, and partner with your company to navigate the multimedia environment.Can’t decide which news station to go with? We’ll scout out different options to make sure you secure a segment that highlights your business to the right audience.
  • Are your speaking point professionals; our team will help to write your script, schedule a segment that suits your branding needs, and ensure that the entire process runs smoothly. We’ll make sure you’re prepped to speak on a set alongside a professional news anchor. Not comfortable being on TV? An IMC member can step in to speak on behalf of your brand. We position ourselves as “lifestyle experts” that can happily lead a segment and speak to your brand positively.

Employee Communications

The most important part of any brand is its people. When your employees love their job and believe in the product, they’ll be able to promote the brand positively, which contributes to a reputable brand. That’s why employee communications are so important. Let Image Marketing Consultants:

  • Help manage your internal PR communications via newsletters and blogs, press releases, internet communications, and team building activities. Have a new employee? We’ll write an employee spotlight blog for them. Have a team happy hour next Friday? We’ll add it to the company’s internal newsletter. We’ll be the solo voice your employees will look to for news on the company.
  • Ensure your well-oiled machine stays on-point and on the same page. We’ll make sure that no team member is left behind or out of the loop!

Crisis Management

You’ve seen it before. There’s a business in crisis and it’s clear that they don’t have a damage control plan. When you need us – and we hope you never will – we’ll immediately step in with:

  • A comprehensive strategy to take control of public messaging and preserve your company’s positive image
  • Guidance on how to bounce back and move forward. The IMC PR Agency and Public Relations team will help with writing official statements and developing releases that focus on your brand’s positive aspects, like recent accomplishments and goals for the near future

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