When a new year begins it often signifies a fresh start. Many make personal resolutions, some change up business or marketing techniques, while others go down a completely new path altogether. Several people seem to think it’s foolish just because of a date on a calendar, or because often times nobody really sticks to what they say. Even if there are truths in that statement, we still cannot forget that one is taking the time out to reassess his or her own life. How can there ever be a wrong time for that? How can it ever be wrong to find a truth, even if it takes longer than expected to get there?

Heading into the new year we thought it would be fun to provide a short 10-question quiz that may help you see something new about yourself, or at the very least, confirm what you may already know. And by the way, quizzes fit into the 2016 marketing trend for interactive content.

So go have a little fun…


A little more food for thought – what is your life purpose?