Social Media Management

We’re social media experts at Image Marketing Consultants. No, it’s not because we’re playing on Instagram all day. It’s because we effectively use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other platforms to promote your company, organization, product or service. Our team will effectively communicate with your demographic using a brand voice that matches the personality of your company. We’ll post as frequently as you’d like, ensuring that each post is well-thought out while resonating with your followers. With only a short amount of time to catch a user’s attention before they scroll down the page, we’ll capture their attention with attractive, modern images made in-house that correlate with the post. We’ll use analytics to report on what types of posts are most effective for you, the level of organic reach you’re getting, and the increasing number of page followers you receive monthly. All of this data helps us understand your audience further so we can continue to post content they enjoy while promoting your company at the same time.

Social media marketing advertising has the capacity to greatly increase client and customer retention and conversion, while lowering the cost of acquisition. It allows you to connect on a personal level with the public. Based in Southington, CT, we’ve successfully created social media programs for clients in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and all throughout the New England and Tri-State area.

Our social media management services include:

Social Posts

According to Forbes, 62% of millennials are more loyal to brands that engage them via social media channels. We help:

  • Create the framework by which your organization can carry on communication with your audience. We’ll clean up your current profile and launch a new brand voice to cater to your followers and potential customers.
  • By creating and maintaining all of your social media accounts, including posting pictures, videos, and status updates
  • To jazz up the posts with attractive images made in-house that will catch your followers’ attention, encouraging them to read on. We do this while simultaneously building a network of followers to encourage traffic to your corporate website.


Blogs are a strategic way to continue to develop your brand’s voice and can be promoted on different social media channels. We offer:

  • Blogging services and electronic press release distribution to work hand-in-hand with your social media and public relations plan
  • Content calendar development for upcoming blog posts that are enjoyable to read, appeal to your demographic and resonate with your company’s industry
  • Blog posts written in-house with guidance and feedback from your company in regards to industry-related text that should be mentioned
  • Ways to promote each blog post to get as much reach as possible. We’ll share the link on your brand’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn page to share the content with more viewers.


Email newsletters are a successful way to reach a large amount of customers who sign up to receive sales and news updates straight to their inbox. We issue:

  • Periodical reports containing your organization’s important information, events, and promotional content. The compiled content will keep customers and prospective clients up to date with your business’ new developments
  • Appealing images taken on-site or made in-house used in each email to break up the text and advertise graphic design your brand further
  • Analytics regarding recipient open-rate and reach

Social Media and Digital Analytics

Data helps every company move forward to make business decisions based on what’s working and what isn’t. We have reporting tools that are necessary to track the success of every social media post we put out. We constantly track what level of engagement followers prefer, the increase in page likes month-over-month, and what your competition may be doing. All of this goes into a formula that helps us sharpen your brand’s presence on social media and how we can keep improving. Image Marketing Consultants can:

  • Sharpen your image and continue to reach your business goals and expectations through social media platforms
  • Monitor your accounts, and measure your social media outreach to drive traffic to your website
  • Provide feedback on what your followers are engaging with, sharing, and liking the most