Opportunity is in the air as the economy moves from The Great Recession to recovery.  You can feel it, smell it, and practically taste it.

So, how can you ensure you will be able to maximize this potential for your business?  We at Image Marketing Consultants call that “Making your own luck.”  Here are 3 tips on making yourself very successful as you shift from hard times to post recession.

Amateurs copy, geniuses steal.  The late Steve Jobs saw the potential in Xerox’s graphical interface operating system.  Xerox did not, at least not to the point of scaling it up for widespread distribution.  Jobs, very legally, took the best of those features and incorporated them in the Mac.  The rest is history.  Survey what’s out there that you can make part of your own enterprise.  The number-one mistake in leadership is priding oneself on total innovation.

Timing is everything. Your business can’t be ahead of the times.  And it can’t lag trends.  Put your finger on the pulse of the marketplace, then make your moves.  All the world is watching new head of Yahoo Marissa Mayer to see if she is in tune with consumer demand.

Failure is a teacher, not a setback. Companies not failing are not taking enough risks.  The trick is to reverse engineer what doesn’t work for the lessons it contains.  Remember most things don’t pan out.

Luck comes to those who are alert to what’s going down in the external world and who know their businesses well enough to align them with developments.

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