If you don’t think that Instagram is a social media outlet for your business, think again, because it is and it’s powerful! Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps, and it is so easy to use.

  • When you post on Instagram, you can easily connect your picture to your Twitter and Facebook with the click of a button.  The more outlets your post gets onto the better. This will increase the reach of the post, help with searching engine optimazation and save you time when thinking of other posts for the day.
  • When you add a new picture, it gives your followers something to connect your brand to. They might say, “oh that is the local coffee shop that makes those amazing drinks!” because they are able to see your product, or service that you have to offer.
  • Posting on Instagram doesn’t have to be done every day. But when you do add a new picture, it is best to post between 4-6pm.

All of this sounds pretty easy right? It is. So if you are thinking about adding Instagram onto your social media marketing team, we say do it today!