We are delighted to have our intern Nicole joining us for the Fall. Nicole is a native of the Bronx, New York, and is currently a senior at Central Connecticut State University. She is pursuing her degree in strategic communications and public relations, and is a member of Central’s honors program.

We spoke with Nicole to learn more about her:

What aspects of your internship are you looking forward to?:

I am excited for the opportunity to apply the skills that I have learned in class in a work environment, and to learn from the professionals around me.

What is your favorite thing about your major in college?:

I like learning about social media because I know it will be very useful in the future. I am currently writing my final paper on Instagram and the psychological effects associated with it.

What is your ideal dream job?

I would love to work in public relationships for the Mercedes Benz fashion week.

Lightning Round:

Place You Want to Travel to: Greece

Hobby You Love: I love cooking, baking, shopping, and going to the gym.

Fun Fact: I am graduating from college a year early.

Go-to Order At a Restaurant: Penne alla vodka

One Word That Your Friends Would Use To Describe You: Outgoing

Most Played Song on your Playlist: Anything by Ed Sheeran

Favorite Item of Clothing: Shoes