Newsletters remain a low-cost way to highlight what’s going on in your business or a message that can resonate with almost an infinite number of constituencies, ranging from prospects to the media.  Thanks to current technology, you can format it for any way you want to deliver it, including mobile.  Here are 4 tips from Image Marketing Consultants.

Choose the right template.  The look is everything.  Invest the time in reviewing templates, compare what you assess as appropriate to what your competition is doing, then determine how you can differentiate yourself from your competition.

Focus on content.  What you present should not be easily available in other contexts.  For example, if a new bill is pending in Congress and all your competitors are presenting their analysis of it, you can add value by interviewing a variety of experts, ranging from those in law to those in recruiting.  If the value is high enough, the media could be interested.  Flag them on your approach and tell them why their own readers would find the content useful.

Create a community.  People, even no-nonsense professionals, crave belonging, especially as part of groups important to their work.  The group process is a means of exchanging information and insight and networking. Find out through direct contact, surveys, or focus groups what your audience needs to become a community, then provide it.  That might be a mechanism, such as on LinkedIn, to facilitate presenting an issue, then opening the conversaton for input.

Be consistent. When launching your newsletter, establish a schedule you can maintain.  Your objective is to have your readers look forward to receiving the newsletter.  Your credibility will be hurt if you disappoint them.

Kate Sirignano, founder of Image Marketing Consultants, is available for complimenatary consultations on marketing, public relations, partnerships, special events, and social media, 203-404-4868.