“Our new restaurant would be able to get a nice bounce in publicity and foot traffic if we were able to partner with the wildly popular arts theatre down the block.  But at this point I don’t think we have enough of anything to attract them to even consider an alliance with us.”

Not so fast.  That’s what Image Marketing Consultants advises small businesses and nonprofits which rule themselves out for partnerships.  Most organizations can find within themselves or create what could be incentives for others to join with them in promotion, adding resources, providing distribution channels, bringing celebrity power, and/or fundraising.  The trick is to figure out what you have or what you can make available that others may find useful.

For example, the new restaurant can distribute promotions for what’s playing through the menus, provide a small space for coffee when patrons are trying to kill time before the movie, name the special of the week associated with what’s showing,  mount an arty poster advertising the theatre on the wall, and give discounts with the ticket stub for after-movie dining.

As the economic recovery gets traction, organizations can dig for ways that they can accomplish their goals through the right partnerships.

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