Every 4 years, we Americans get to decide what direction we want our country to embrace.   That means there is a lot of attention focused on values.   We participate in this debate at rallies for candidates, sending our comments to media articles, stating our point of view on our blogs, Facebook pages, and tweets, and chewing the fat with friends and family.  But it might not occur to us to leverage this momentum for our own businesses.  Please don’t waste that opportunity.

Here are 4 tips from Image Marketing Consultants:

* This period of flux provides just the right timing to ask customers and prospects what they want, what’s on their minds, and how your business can fit better with all that.  Contests are popular.  You might offer dining for 4 at your restaurant as the prize for the person who makes the most useful suggestion on how you can make the restaurant their favorite place.

* Bundle messages on values into all your promotional materials.  For example, on your Facebook fan page, you can post daily inspirational profiles of American leaders who built a political movement, nonprofit organization, or enterprise on certain values.

* Be creative in naming or renaming certain products or services according to election themes.  For example, the promotional special at your gym could be “Getting America in Shape 4 the next 4 years.”

* Enhance your network by volunteering in the campaigns for local and state candidates.  In addition to getting to know the movers and shakers, you will learn fresh skills in marketing, public relations, and partnerships.

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