It’s not exactly morning in America when it comes to the economy.  But there are clear signs of recovery.

Today, for instance, the Labor Department reports a 30,000 drop last week in filings for unemployment.  The challenge for organizations in marketing and fundraising is to pace their initiatives during this period of transition.  Here are 3 tips from Image Marketing Consultants.

Listen to the marketplace. There are no set formulas any more about price points, how to add value, and when to phase out of an unprofitable account.  Therefore, this is the time to become re-acquainted with the dynamics of the market segments you focus on.  Tools for that range from simply getting conversations going to having a brief low-cost survey.

Take inventory of your successes and failures. Most of you learned a lot and quickly during hard times.  Now it’s time to analyze the lessons and figure out how to apply them to your changing situation.  The sad reality is that too many of you choose to close the door on mistakes made and waste what can be derived from that brutal experience.

Experiment.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  There’s plenty of wisdom in that convential thinking.  Unless you try out fresh strategies and tactics you will never know which could be game-changers in your organization.  Figure out the level of risk you are comfortable with and then make the commmitment to experiment with a few ideas.

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