We all know a solid email list becomes a powerful sales tool for a lot of companies. On account of that, we never want to lose one subscriber. Besides, most of us do not do well with goodbyes. We usually want to know why it’s happening and how we can stop it.  Sometimes, there is just nothing you can do, but often times you can stop the customer before that dreaded click. We say keep fighting the good fight and never surrender!

Here are a few tips you can try:

  • Show a fun, lighter side of the company. You don’t have to grovel, just use a playful tone that your customers can relate to.  For example, your unsubscribe message can be something like – Was it something we said, Nancy?
  • Always use the customer’s first name in any unsubscribe message to make it personal to them. It’s more impactful and will make the customer feel more important overall. It’s surprising that one simple psychological technique can make the customer think twice, but studies show it does.
  • Offer alternatives on your unsubscribe page or form. For instance- stop daily emails, only monthly emails, only coupons, etc. The customer may want to stay on board but just change their preferences.
  • This one is bittersweet, but make sure you ask for feedback when they leave. It’s a great opportunity to learn and see what might be going wrong.
  • Last, have the founder of the company create a short video that will make the customer laugh. This provides an opportunity to humanize your brand and show the company’s personality.  You can even hire a comedian like HubSpot did. Take a look.