Here at Image Marketing Consultants, we get asked the question “What is Public Relations” all the time, and we thought it was about time to post a blog about it!

The public relations (PR) field is aimed at producing a positive image of an organization or individual in the eyes of the public. The two major techniques that we use most often are story pitching and developing our media relationships. We try to create PR campaigns that include both hard copy and online articles and that are supplemented by a complete marketing plan as well.

For example, many of our clients participate in charity events. We typically help organize the special event from a logistical perspective, but then pitch media as well to get the word out about our client participation in the event. Therefore, the public will know our client is taking an interest in their community which fosters goodwill and positive public image.

Public relations professionals can also use the media to promote consumer/producer relations. For example, if a new restaurant is coming to town a PR firm can use a local newspaper or blog contacts to publish a press release about the new business, and how it will benefit the area. For example, we have great relationships with our media colleagues locally in Connecticut at the Hartford Courant, Hartford Business Journal, Connecticut Magazine, New Haven Register, and many more. A little relationship building goes a long way!

Social media is an emerging aspect of public relations as well. Social media gives organizations the ability to communicate on a personal level with clients. With proper social media management, an organization can significantly heighten their positive image and interact with their customers on a personal basis. Social media is also great for increasing search engine optimization, as well as increasing natural search engine traffic to a company’s website.

Overall, PR professionals are concerned with the brand of an organization. An organization’s brand is essentially the public opinion of that organization. Through the use of PR professionals an organization can promote their positive image and brand which has an additional positive impact on that organization’s bottom line. If you think you can use Image Marketing Consultant’s services to help with your organization’s public relations, event planing, or marketing needs, feel free to give us a call at 203-404-4868.

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